Sending us mail and visiting!

Some info from the Peace Corps Senegal Desk about sending packages and visiting:

Snail mail:

Our address:

PCV Madeline Tiee and Paul Levy
Corps de la Paix
B.P. 6 N’dioum
Senegal, West Africa

The mail service in Senegal is not as efficient as the US Postal Service.  It can take up to 3-4 weeks for mail to arrive.  Additionally, there is a high incidence of theft and heavy custom taxes.

Tips: send inexpensive items, use padded envelopes instead of boxes if possible (higher custom fees), use DHL for lightweight important items, number your letters so that we know if one is missing, send postcards in envelopes, write “Senegal–West Africa” and “Airmail” or “Par Avion” on all letters.  You can write “Religious Materials” or “Personal Products” on the outside of packages to further deter theft.

When sending packages via DHL, address packages to:

Country Director
c/o Corps de la Paix Américain
Almadies Lot N/1 TF 23231
B.P. 2534
Dakar Yoff, Senegal, West Africa

Also put our names on the inner envelope inside the DHL envelope.


We both have cellphones.  When dialing to Senegal, first dial 011, then country code 221, then the cellphone number:

Paul’s mobile: 77.116.9462

Maddy’s mobile: 77.116.9324

We have an internet USB key that can connect to the internet from anywhere in Senegal with a good cellphone network.  Additionally, there are cybers in both Ndioum and Podor.  We will check our e-mail regularly.




Peace Corps recommends visitors come during our second year of service.  Plan at least six months in advance due to slow communication.  US citizens with US passports do not need visas if their trip is less than three months long.  However, if you plan on visiting other countries, you will need to acquire visas for other countries while in the US.

Medical: At minimum, you must have a yellow fever immunization and have it logged in a World Health Organization (WHO) medical card.  This card is needed for immigration upon arrival to the Dakar airport.  You should also plan to take anti-malarial prophylactic drugs during your stay (mefloquine or chloroquine).   Contact CDC for more information.  Water must be filtered and chlorinated or boiled.  Take great precautions with the food and water in Senegal.

Money: Unit of currency is the West African Franc (CFA).  Traveler checks are recommended, most major hotels accept Visa or American Express.

Baggage: Lock your suitcases.  Find out what the baggage constraints are for the airlines you are flying on and for different countries (ex. flying through Europe will be different from flying straight to West Africa)

Photos: Picture taking is restricted in Dakar–ask permission before taking photos.  Photos not allowed at airport or any military installation.

ID/Registration: You are required to carry ID at all times.  Visitors are encouraged to register with the US Embassy in Dakar and have a certified copy of their passport made.




One response to “Sending us mail and visiting!

  • Dave Fuehne

    Paul & Maddy, good luck – we’re thinking of you both & glad that you are our local ambassadors to the world. Jewel & Heidi miss their long romps but are making do w/ early a.m. sessions.

    All the best to you both.
    – Dave & Holly & kiddos & pets

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