About Maddy and Paul

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We are embarking on our 26-month adventure serving as Peace Corps volunteers in Senegal.  We are both part of the Preventative Health and Environmental Education program in Senegal, also known as program ProSPERE for PROjet de Sante Preventative et d’Education Relative à l’Environnement.  We began our pre-service training in Thiès, Senegal on March 10, 2010.  After two months of training, we were placed in Podor, a town of some 15,000 residents at the most northern point of Senegal. Due to security issues concerning AQIM, we were moved from Podor to a site farther from the Mauritanian border. We will work in Ndioum for the rest of our service.  Thank you to everyone who has supported (and objected to) our dream to work as Peace Corps volunteers.  We hope that you will share in the joys and frustrations that are bound to cross our paths on this journey.  And we hope that our experiences and reflections will reveal fragments of truth about Senegal. 

This blog is for our families and friends.  We love you.

The contents of this website are ours personally and do not reflect any position of the US government or the Peace Corps.


One response to “About Maddy and Paul

  • Katy Korkos

    Hi Maddy and Paul- I ran into Ellen at the Bradbury this morning, so I finally have this address- I’ve been thinking of you, hoping you’re well, and can’t wait to read all about your adventures

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