Ndioum naabe

DC and Chris have come to a compromise. Anyone less than 10 km from the Senegal River and Mauritanian border will be moved to a site farther from the river. This means the two volunteers in Richard-Toll, one volunteer in Dagana, two volunteers in Matam, and the three of us in Podor are moving sites. Most people are being moved to nearby towns where they can still work by day in their old sites on ongoing projects. Paul and I are being moved to Ndioum, the location of our regional house. We will be about 40 km from Podor and can go back and forth to do work. We are familiar with Ndioum and have done some work there in the past. I am happy that the larger majority of residents in Ndioum speak Pulaar only (unlike the higher concentration of Wolof and French spoken in Podor).

In other news, Paul applied for the SeneGAD (Senegal Gender and Development) Nationwide Coordinator position and is now the new SeneGAD president!


6 responses to “Ndioum naabe

  • cityofmydelusion

    Congrats to Paul, and glad to hear that you two are both safe! We miss you guys!

  • Joey & Norm

    Maddy & Paul, Glad to hear you are both safe. Congratulations Paul! Fondly, Joey & Norm

  • Evan

    Oh gosh, that is crazy happenings… Embarrassingly, I don’t remember the incident you were just talking about (two posts before). Glad you two are safe, though! It sounds like you two have already done a lot, making positive waves. yup. Keep it up!


  • Christine

    I don’t remember it eitherr D: But I remember the retinal-detachment scare at the bottom of the slide at that one party with Addie and the time that someone almost ran you over with their bike outside of Hilgard Apt. Eee. And now this about Al Qaeda. Soggy’s always living life on the wild side..

    I miss you, of course! ^_^ Does (Stinky) Paul’s new position mean you two will be staying longer in Senegal than originally planned?

  • Grandma

    All my love to you, Paul and Maddy.

  • Grandma

    I wanted to say, congratulations, Paul. Hearing about your experiences made me forget. I have been getting the news from Ellen and for some reason didn’t anything would be on the website.
    XOXOXO, Grandma

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