For Christmas….

…all I want is your support for my latrine project at the primary school where I work. Its another project similar to the one Paul did in Guia. Basically, improving the latrines there now so that the kids will actually use them. The biggest issue with our latrines is the ventilation (smells truly terrible in there and most kids opt to go outside) and the toilets themselves (lots of broken turkish toilets).

See the project here!

Thank you! And we wish you all a very wonderful winter holiday. We miss our families especially now during the time when we would normally be home celebrating the newly fallen snow and smell of firewood.


One response to “For Christmas….

  • Grandma

    Happy Birthday, Paul. I still remember that trip home from the hospital. You in the front seat (it was considered safe then) of my Porsche in your carrier that didn’t quite fit you. Your mother
    squeezed into the tiny back seat. Stopping every few miles to unwrap you, get you set right again. And then wishing your dad a Happy New Year while you and your mother were asleep in their bed. Jerry was asleep on the living room floor.
    I thought you might like to hear at least part of the story again.
    Love, Grandma

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