More on Talibe and Daaras

In the NYT Africa section (global edition). They speak the truth.


About a week ago a group of Talibe came into our host family’s house. One of them couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4 years old–he could barely walk, much less communicate what he wanted. Either embarrassed or rather literally incapable of verbal communication, he teetered over to us with his outstretched, upturned palm, before our host family, recoiling in anger, demanded to know where his mother was. The kid, who could have been in diapers, shyly turned and tried to escape, but not before my host brother could chase after him and have him lead him to his parents’ house. The weird thing is, I didn’t think much of the whole experience until I read this article, prevalent as this kind of thing can be here.


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