Midnight surprise!

The night before we left for the North of Senegal, the night before our install (what PC calls the date that volunteers are dropped off at their site), I happened upon the greatest surprise.  I believe — a Atelerix albiventris (Four-toed Hedgehog or aka the African Pygmy Hedgehog).  Found her digging in the leaf litter near my room with the dried carcass of a frog of some sort locked in her little jaws.  Picked her up and put her near the light.  She unfurled slowly, only after she heard the footsteps of my companion receding into the dark.  Then scattered.  She ran faster than I imagined a hedgehog could run, her little feet taking quick steps.  Beautiful little shy creature.  I must admit, I picked her up again and put her in the light.  Just to watch her unfold again.


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