Swearing in jango!

As of tomorrow, Paul and I will officially be Peace Corps volunteers.  Tomorrow is our “swear-in” and we graduate from trainee to volunteer.  We have all passed our language tests!  (everyone I believe in my stage did–which is unusual).  We had a party today for our host families to thank them for the past amazing two months.

On the 16th, we will be heading for Ndioum (location of the regional house) in sept-places (name for these station wagons that claim to seat seven  but whose 7th seat most PCVs insist only half exists).  Then on the 18th we will be “installed” in Podor.  In preparation for the 500-tree pepineer that I must plant, a few of us have been scavenging the trees of Thies for their pods and seeds.    The post sante thought Evan and I were a little strange for asking to pull nebadaay (MORINGA–a god plant here…it has so many nutrients!) pods off their tree in the courtyard.  Its amazing how fast Pre-service training passed.  Before we know it, we’ll be sitting in our apartment in Podor, thinking about potential projects.


3 responses to “Swearing in jango!

  • Yuan

    Congratulations! Just from your posts, it feels as though you have lived an entire other life.

  • Janine

    Congratulations on passing the very tough language requirements! We look forward to seeing your forest! Love you!

  • Marlon

    so great to read of your adventures. thank you for letting us peek into this really incredible journey. We are all so proud of you both.

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