These are a few of my favorite things…

Some of my favorite things:

-Sitting down at the food bowl and finding out that you have placed yourself directly in front of the cabbage!  In Senegalese bowls, there are typically several veggies—cabbage, carrot, dikon, eggplant, bitter tomato, sweet potato, potato, bisap.  The veggies are arranged in their whole form around central pieces of fish.  Typically what you sit in front of is what you eat the most of.  When they lift the lid and I am in front of the cabbage, I am one of the happiest people ever.

-lacciri and kossam—a northern Senegalese dish of cous cous and milk (sometimes sweetened or yogurt like).  My favorite food in all of Senegal.

-Pulling water from the well.  I love that sound of the bucket kerpluncking into the water down below.  Since the plastic buckets float, you have to pull them up above the water and let the rope loose so that momentum and gravity shoot the bucket deeper into the water so that it is full when you pull it back up.

-The sound of women pounding millet, onions, or anything in the woyndu.

-The sounds of a woman yelling in Pulaar at her child.


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