We are here!–in Thies, which I’ve realized is actually pronounced “chess.” We’ve had a busy day of language, technical, and medical interviews to help place us in a Senegal community.  Some dancing and drumming.  There are birds chattering everywhere–firefinches, weavers, starlings, pied crows, and hawks.  We will be training here and within surrounding communities.  In a couple days we will be placed in a host family.

There is much to tell–about Dakar, riding in buses, the other amazing peace corps volunteers, the birds, the food, but that may have to wait.  We will be without internet for most of our training.  The wireless here at the training center will be turned off tonight as past training groups have abused this privilege.  But we will update you soon when we have more time to sit down.

This is the garden inside the training center.


4 responses to “BISMILLAH!

  • Janine

    Hurray! I think about you guys all of the time! So glad to know you have ‘landed’. Thanks for the picture – I think your parents will be happy with it 🙂 Love you guys bunches! Janine & Bob

  • Jess T.

    Hey you two, so glad you made it there safe. I already miss you guys, but am very proud to have such amazing best friends! Please take good care of yourselves and each other. I’m sending you good thoughts and lots of love! I’ll send a letter soon so we can figure out how well the mail works. 🙂

  • Jason Kong

    OMG GOOD LUCK GUYS! oh if you can send me your address there!

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