Tying loose ends..

Paul and I have been trying to tie up all our loose ends.  File taxes, say goodbyes, pay back IOUs, reconnect with old friends.  We are attempting to think about all the little things that must be taken care of before we leave it alone and uncared for the next two years.  It feels like we are preparing to go away for forever, like we can’t leave things left unsaid or undone.

We are both reading blogs and web pages written about what to pack.  How do I maintain the perfect balance between minimalism and having those small luxury items that remind me inevitably of home or the routines that make up my day?  It seems like such an impossible task–packing for two years, that is.  I’m making lists in my head.

I am so anxious to leave.  We are overwhelmed with excitement for this opportunity.  We have been waiting, waiting for so long.  Losing faith in ourselves and our commitment to do this.  And finally it is here.  Hello world.


5 responses to “Tying loose ends..

  • Vincent W.

    Maddy (and I assume Paul, since your name is in the web address, if not in the authors),

    I wish you both the best of luck in Senegal. It’s hard to really respond to the magnitude of the journey you two are about to venture upon in a blog comment, so I’ll just say that you are two of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met. I consider myself very lucky to have met you and have you both as teammates and friends, and I’m sure you’ll be able to bring a lot of good into this world.

    Stay safe, stay in contact if you can, have fun, and know that you’ve definitely got the support of your team back in Cal. Let us know if you save the world. =D

  • Kseniya

    Dear Maddy and Paul,

    I am absolutely bursting with love and excitement for the two of you. I’m not really sure just what to say worthy of the magnitude of an embarkment on such a monumetal adventure–but know that I am cheering my heart out for you. Thank you so much for starting this blog. I am bookmarking it right now! I can already tell it is going to be phenomenal.

    Love, hugs, kisses.

  • Yuan

    Best of luck on this adventure!

  • Christine

    ^__^ I love you Soggy. I hope you fall in love with the place you go. You will find your own routines for a while and home won’t seem so hard to let go of. But I will send you Spam if you start to miss jenky but well-preserved American meats. Wahaha^^

    You know that I’m always sending you my love! 😀 Just look over towards California and follow the line of floating pink hearts and you’ll find me. Heehe,

    Still Your Twistiest-of-Twisties,


  • enantiomurrs

    I LOVE YOU GUYS ❤ ❤ ❤
    maddy, you are my hero <3333333 🙂
    paul, you're pretty cool 🙂

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