Haa gongol (see you later) Senegal!

We leave you with: a video of a puffer-fish trying to get to the open ocean.


And lastly, some election propaganda and news: a Macky rally pamphlet and the front page newspaper in France.

Macky defeats Wade

Front page of newspaper in France

Macky Sall won the second election tour with 65.8% of the vote (Wade lost with 34.2%).  There was a 55% voter turnout.


Good-bye Ndioum and COS in Dakar

Our last night in Ndioum was like going to a middle-school dance.  The high school English club told us to arrive around 6 pm.  They ended up picking us up in a car and driving through Ndioum’s market to reach a beautiful house where the club had rented chairs and a DJ system.  We were seated at a table that looked out onto a dance floor, bordered by plastic chairs and members of the English club.  We waited for hours for a teacher to show-up.  Finally we started late around 9:30.  Almost everyone gave speeches, including ourselves.  Then the club gave us a certificate of honor with a marabout stork in the background.  The best part: the certificate was made out to “Mister Paul and his wife.”  After a whirlwind of photo-taking, they ushered us into the car and drove us home.  It was a great way to say good-bye to Ndioum.

Haby, her daughter Coumba (my namesake), and myself

Our favorite sheep: mama has a gris-gris around her neck

English club

English Club

Certificate of honor from English Club

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Paul organized a great blood testing tour of Diambo (Evan’s village) and Taredji (Jonno’s village).  We tested 87 people.  There was a 25-30% syphilis rate and one HIV-positive result.


We spent two nights in Diambo and one night in Taredji.  In Taredji, Jonno’s MSS girls (many of them also participated in our girls leadership camp) performed a great theater sketch that attracted a huge crowd.  We passed out condoms (in secret to many teenage boys, much in the manner of a drug-deal, and to not so many older women who thought the condoms were candy or medicine) in addition to teaching many adolescents how to put on a condom correctly.

This was a great project to end our service with, especially because it involved working with our two closest friends Evan and Jonno.

Fa Ly taking blood from a patient

Fa Ly taking a blood sample

Jonno explaining how HIV can/cannot be transmitted

Paul hands out peanuts to some waiting patients in Diambo

Evan's brother Sinthiane

Teaching kids about HIV/AIDS

Abused puppy finally gets to play (normally spends his day in a hole)

Hitch-hiking for a ride to Taredji! We ended up walking most of the way.

Girls demonstrate proper condom use

MSS girls ready to do theater

Crowd gathers in Taredji to watch the theater sketch about HIV/AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases


Baby Vaccinations and Weighing

One of my favorite activities during my service was helping with baby vaccinations and weighings.

A baby from the "jeere" (bush) village of Kodiolel that just got vaccinated

Baby being weighed!

Coumba vaccinating a child in Ndioum

Coumba and relais weighing an infant

Polio oral vaccination

Bush vaccination village of Kodiolel

Kodiolel mothers

Senegal Election Photos: First Tour 2012


14 Candidates in the Senegal Election 2012

Catching up on some photos and blogging.  These are from the first round of elections on February 26, 2012.


Lining up to vote


I voted!


A woman dips her finger into the pink dye to show that she has voted.


A voter picks up a quarter-sheet paper for each candidate on her way to casting a ballot. Behind a curtain, the voter will put her preferred candidate into the envelope and dispose of the other sheets.


A voter casts her vote.


Pur election o, hollon njid-daa pur wonde president?

The elections are coming.  If you look up Senegal in the news, you can read all about it.  Wade’s candidacy was validated and Youssou Ndour’s was not.  Protests are happening throughout the country in the large cities, however it is relatively quiet where we live.  We finally got a little taste of election this past Friday when President Wade came to visit Ndioum and pray in our grand mosque.  The opposition made a small appearance, waving their red flags and sporting red head- and arm- bands.  Otherwise, there were women wearing complets made of Wade fabric, talibe waving signs supporting Wade, and cars covered in Wade pictures among other  pro-Wade advertisements.


Macky Sall, a popular Pulaar candidate, also made an appearance–however we did not attend this rally but could hear the cars passing by with shouting supporters.












Our poll results of taxi drivers in Dakar during January are summarized here*:

Abdoulaye Wade        1

Macky Sall                     1

Idrissa Seck                  3

(*Note: This is not a large enough sample pool, and I think one driver sampled was from Guinea and could not even vote in Senegal, but still.  There are also many other candidates, many of whom are popular among different populations–something that is not reflected by our poll.)

Dear Josh,

Your garden still looks great!


Paul, Evan, and Maddy